Tea at the Williamsburg Hotel

On a sunny winter day several months ago, I met up with my friend Queenie for tea in my neighborhood. The onslaught of new construction and gentrification continues in Williamsburg, so the views of glorious open skies have unfortunately given way to towers of glass, steel and brick. Not only are there residential buildings rising… Continue Reading

A Visit to Puerh Brooklyn

Coffeeshops are ubiquitous in New York so it’s always a nice surprise to come across a tea shop somewhere in the midst of the city. There is a little cafe that specializes in matcha in my neighborhood but what I’d much prefer is a place that offers a bit more variety. I learned recently about… Continue Reading

Kakigori at Kokage

It’s now August and we’re in the midst of high summer, with consecutive days full of bright sun and warm temperatures. Staying indoors is the best plan and when one heads outside, the sun is only tolerable for so long before it’s time to rest in the shade and keep cool. And on a day… Continue Reading

The Dessert Kitchen

I met up with my friend M for dinner on Friday and noticed there was a new dessert place that opened next door to the Indian restaurant we were visiting that night. Simply named, The Dessert Kitchen serves a variety of desserts, most of which have an Asian twist. To me, it’s like a cross… Continue Reading

Tea Break at Chalait

I finally had an excuse to visit Chalait, a cafe that opened not too long ago that specializes in matcha-based drinks — my friend Queenie is working there and what better excuse to drop in, say hello and take a tea break. After dim sum earlier in the day followed by some window shopping, it… Continue Reading