Lunch at Little Mo

There was a time not too long ago when getting friends to come into Brooklyn was a difficult thing to do. Even though my neighborhood is literally across the river from downtown Manhattan and just a stop away, not many people wanted to make the trek to one of the other boroughs of the city…. Continue Reading

Brunch at Public

It’s already March and I’m not sure where the last two months have gone. Time seems to have flown by but I don’t recall doing anything fun or interesting lately. It’s been a warm winter but between a very lackluster Lunar New Year and now, nothing has really excited me. There’s been more work (i.e…. Continue Reading

Brunch at Cafe Clover

If anyone had asked me a year ago what my 2016 would be like, I wouldn’t have been able to guess at all. The start of this year has presented me with some very interesting challenges and adventures, especially in the work situation. After what seems like forever, I have moved on from my old… Continue Reading

Brunch at Reynard

For all that I live in a trendy, over-gentrified (in my opinion) neighborhood, I don’t really hang around there too much. When my friend Q told me she was going to be in the area to check out a local artists’ market, we ended up meeting there before heading over to the Wythe Hotel for… Continue Reading

Brunch at Little Park

Weekend brunch has been pretty rare in my life these days. I can’t even remember when the last time I got together with friends for a fun weekend meal and good conversation. My foodie life seems to be centered on lots of afternoon or evening get-togethers this year, the former with those who have flexible… Continue Reading