Lunch at Little Mo

There was a time not too long ago when getting friends to come into Brooklyn was a difficult thing to do. Even though my neighborhood is literally across the river from downtown Manhattan and just a stop away, not many people wanted to make the trek to one of the other boroughs of the city…. Continue Reading

Lunch at Cocotte

I’ve been very impulsive with weekday lunches these days. Recently, I met up with my friend Maggie for lunch and I was torn between two French places I wanted to try. In the end, I settled for Cocotte but even that was a difficult choice. There is Cocotte, a sit down restaurant but they also… Continue Reading

Lunch at EN Japanese Brasserie

It’s been a while since I’ve had a meal at an upscale restaurant. When I met my friend Q for lunch one day, we couldn’t think of where to go until she suggested En Japanese Brasserie. I’ve walked by it before a few times but it’s usually further west than my usual haunts so I… Continue Reading

Lunch at Egg Shop

One nice thing about being free on a weekday is the ability to visit popular restaurants when they are not as busy (especially during weekend brunch). After discovering our original meeting place would not open until later in the day, my friend Q and I ended up walking over to Egg Shop. The last time… Continue Reading

Bonjour Brussels

One thing I envy those living in Europe is how easy it is to hop on a plane or train for a few short hours and quickly end up in another country. In the brief time we were in France, P and I set aside one day for a quick trip to Brussels. It’s a… Continue Reading