Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden

On a hot June day, I hopped aboard a train and headed up to the Bronx. It was the weekend after the New York Botanical Garden’s Rose Garden Weekend but the roses were still in full, vibrant blooms and I wanted to catch the flowers while they were still in peak color. One bonus to… Continue Reading

A Visit to Wave Hill

As summer begins to wind down, I’m still trying to take advantage of the long daylight and experience the great outdoors on days that are not so warm. To that end, I finally made the journey up to Wave Hill. It’s not easy to get to, since it involves riding a train to the end… Continue Reading

A Walk on the High Bridge

Many years ago, during one of the earliest Open House NY weekends, I traveled uptown to tour the High Bridge Water Tower. The views from the top of the Tower were wonderful and one thing I saw that caught my eye was the old High Bridge. The bridge had been closed for several decades and… Continue Reading

Springtime at the New York Botanical Garden

With a free one-year membership to the Botanical Garden, I’ve been taking full advantage of it and heading up there far more often these days. My most recent visit was to check out the Antique Garden Furniture Fair that was held last month. That weekend was one of the warmest to date. With the sun… Continue Reading

Kiku at the NY Botanical Garden

For the past few years, the NY Botanical Garden has hosted a Japanese Chrysanthemums exhibit. Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden is held in the Conservatory, which is filled with chrysanthemums of all sizes from diminutive flowers to big, showy blooms that are wired to keep them from falling off their thin stems. I… Continue Reading