Breakfast at Locanda Verde

I spent my birthday eating my way through the day. Though I did have a small breakfast at home first (because I’m usually up early), my second breakfast took place at Locanda Verde. Dinners are usually how I end up celebrating with friends but it’s nice to have a change and since my weekdays have… Continue Reading

Breakfast at Maialino

The last few days have definitely been ones of indulgence. Celebrating a friend’s birthday last week meant a day of eating very good food. A late breakfast at Maialino eased us straight to lunchtime and we managed to get through the rest of the day without eating until dinner. I’ve never been to Maialino before…. Continue Reading

Three Meals a Day in Paris, Part 1

After five days in Paris, I returned home and refused to eat croissants, baguettes, other Viennoiserie and French desserts for about a week. It’s not that our local patisseries and bakeries churn out inferior goods, but I just had too many sweet things far too often during my trip so I needed a short break… Continue Reading