Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden

On a hot June day, I hopped aboard a train and headed up to the Bronx. It was the weekend after the New York Botanical Garden’s Rose Garden Weekend but the roses were still in full, vibrant blooms and I wanted to catch the flowers while they were still in peak color. One bonus to… Continue Reading

Hallett Nature Sanctuary

A few months ago, I made several unsuccessful attempts to check out the Hallett Nature Sanctuary, a protected area in the southeast corner of Central Park. Closed to the public since the 1930s, it had been opened with strictly limited hours over the past few years but I had been unable to visit during those… Continue Reading

Park Walks

The last month and a half has been some of my busiest weeks ever with far too much going on for my own good. Theoretically, there should have been a decent amount of free time on my hands but that was rarely the case. In between a month-long visit from family, a long weekend visit… Continue Reading

A Weekend of Holiday Trains

With the holidays now upon us, life has gotten more busy during the last few weeks. Between checking out all the holiday shops, craft fairs and pop-up stores as well as meeting up with friends, I did make room for a few free events going on around the city this month. During a recent stopover… Continue Reading

The Lowline Lab

In an old market building in the Lower East Side, a lush miniature scale version of a park is blooming inside. With the Highline finally completed, the next new park we can hopefully look forward to is the Lowline. There are a lot of abandoned underground spaces throughout the city, many former train stations and… Continue Reading