Around Town

Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden

Sapphire Star by Dale Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden

On a hot June day, I hopped aboard a train and headed up to the Bronx. It was the weekend after the New York Botanical Garden’s Rose Garden Weekend but the roses were still in full, vibrant blooms and I wanted to catch the flowers while they were still in peak color. One bonus to visiting the garden was to check out the Chihuly exhibit currently on display.

Conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden

My first experience (and the only one that I can remember) with Dale Chihuly was at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Suspended from the ceiling in the rotunda was a big, beautiful blown glass sculpture hanging down like a neon chandelier. It’s one of those amazing works of art that one can see only once and not really forget. That was years ago and it’s still there to this day.

White Tower with Fiori, Chihuly

Persian Pond and Fiori, Dale Chihuly

The NYBG’s exhibit allows visitors to get more up close to each work of art, and the pieces are scattered around the garden. Some are camouflaged amongst the plants in the Conservatory while are others are floating in a lake or standing boldly on the grass or fountains. My personal favorite was the “Float Boat”, a small wooden boat floating in the lake by the Native Plant Garden and carrying what appeared to be giant marbles.

Float Boat, Dale Chihuly

Many of the sculptures are located in and around the Conservatory and the style of the pieces there varied. There were tall, elaborate and curvy pieces shooting out from water or into the sky, while others were shorter and more stick-like, resembling yards and yards of neon tubing. I wasn’t really interested in the latter since they were a bit dull compared to some of the other pieces.

Glasshouse Fiori, Dale Chihuly

Sol del Citrón, Dale Chihuly

And right outside of the Conservatory entrance was a reminder of the London sculpture. This was my second favorite piece in the garden, and just looking at it, one can really appreciate the skill and time it must have taken the artist to create such a work of art like this. On certain nights, the garden remains open till 10:30pm and the artwork is all lit up so that’s another fun way to view and interact with the art. I do recommend people going to check it out; the exhibit runs through October 29 so there’s still plenty of time to see it.