Afternoon Tea at the Whitby Hotel

So it’s been a year since I’ve last had a proper afternoon tea. Though, I suppose “proper” can be rather subjective; maybe what I really want is a more traditional afternoon tea with the real sandwiches, scones and some miniature pastries. That’s not quite what I had recently when Jee and I went to the… Continue Reading

Tea at the Williamsburg Hotel

On a sunny winter day several months ago, I met up with my friend Queenie for tea in my neighborhood. The onslaught of new construction and gentrification continues in Williamsburg, so the views of glorious open skies have unfortunately given way to towers of glass, steel and brick. Not only are there residential buildings rising… Continue Reading

One Year On…

Hello there! Well, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything here. Sometimes it seems like much has gone by in the last twelve months and other times, nothing at all. After finally obtaining a bit of security, I suppose I have been living more in the present and not thinking too far ahead…. Continue Reading