Around Town

Park Walks

The Pool in Central Park

The last month and a half has been some of my busiest weeks ever with far too much going on for my own good. Theoretically, there should have been a decent amount of free time on my hands but that was rarely the case. In between a month-long visit from family, a long weekend visit from a friend and enough interviewing to last a lifetime, I did manage to find some brief moments to escape and actually enjoy living in the present.

Huddlestone Arch and Trees in the Ravine

There’s been a lot of walking around in Central Park, which looks fabulous this time of year. Instead of my usual haunts, I decided to really explore the northwestern corners of the park which has some really amazing landscapes. Skirting the Harlem Meer, I made my way south and trekked along paths through the North Woods and saw the Ravine, the Loch and the Pool. That entire area of the park is delightful and I discovered a lot of bridges, streams and waterfalls. There was birdsong and looking up, I admired the beauty of the bare trees before Spring finally took hold of the city.

The Lake in Central Park

Another day, I walked from one end of the park to the other, sticking to the west side and made it down to Columbus Circle in just over an hour via a curvy, scenic route that took me past the Reservoir and the Lake. And during my most recent trip, it was to check out what was blooming in the Conservatory Garden. I was hoping to see the wisteria flower but it was still a bit early and chilly for that. But there were plenty of flowering trees all around so it was still worth the visit.

Conservatory Garden

Tulips in the Conservatory Garden

One nice thing about these frequent trips to the same park is being able to watch the landscape gradually transform from late winter greys and browns to grass greens, pastel pinks and whites, and bright, bold hues as flowers paint huge swatches of color across the ground. I can’t wait till for all the trees to be covered with leaves; there’s nothing better than enjoying the soon-to-be summer weather with a picnic beneath bright green canopies.