Brunch at Public


It’s already March and I’m not sure where the last two months have gone. Time seems to have flown by but I don’t recall doing anything fun or interesting lately. It’s been a warm winter but between a very lackluster Lunar New Year and now, nothing has really excited me. There’s been more work (i.e. projects for friends and former colleagues) that’s taken up most of my time but I do try to go out and get some air once in a while.

What I really need to do is catch up with friends, though it’s been hard. I did meet up with my friend M over the weekend for brunch at Public.

I’ve walked by Public so many times over the years but it was the first time I ever stepped inside it. The restaurant isn’t on ground level so I could never quite get a sense of how big it actually is from the outside. I do love the big windows that look onto the street and the skylight above that let in so much natural light.

Pancakes with poached pears and pomegranate

When we were handed the menus, the choices weren’t quite what either of us expected. It was slightly different from the menu on their website but we did find good options on it. I debated between the Eggs and No Eggs sections of the menu and in the end, settled on the quinoa pancakes with poached pears, pomegranate, sunflower seeds, Devonshire (clotted) cream and red wine syrup.

The pancakes were delicious and I like the use of the Devonshire cream instead of butter. The sunflower seeds sprinkled on top also gave it a nice texture. I can never say no to pears since they are one of my favorite fruits, and they were a little spicy but not too boozy, which works better for me.

Togorashi Spiced Avocado on Toast with Maryland blue crab

M chose the spiced avocado toast with Maryland blue crab, pickled chiles and cilantro. At one point (according to the photos seen online), the avocado toast contained poached eggs but now don’t. The eggs would have been nice but there was extra protein on our table since I also ordered a side of bacon. The avocado toast looked really good and the bacon was delicious, one of the better ones we’ve had at restaurants.

Neither of us ordered hot drinks; we were both interested in the cold drinks. I ordered the cucumber and thyme fizz and I think she had the mint charcoal limeade. My fizzy drink was pretty refreshing and for once, I didn’t miss not having a nice cup of hot tea to go with my breakfast plates.

Though I will admit, M did need her coffee fix and we ended up at a coffee shop in the neighborhood afterward.