Brunch at Cafe Clover

Cafe Clover

If anyone had asked me a year ago what my 2016 would be like, I wouldn’t have been able to guess at all. The start of this year has presented me with some very interesting challenges and adventures, especially in the work situation. After what seems like forever, I have moved on from my old company last summer and so did most of the terrific people I’ve worked with there over the years. We’re all spread out and it’s hard to not miss seeing familiar faces.

At the very least, I’ve tried to keep in touch with my old team through weekday lunches (it’s amazing how many people end up working in the same neighborhood but at different companies), farewell drinks all summer, and random meetups over dinner or brunch. A small group of us met last Saturday for a weekend brunch at Cafe Clover.

Two designers, one developer (me) and a product manager. This gathering was definitely a team effort: J, the product manager suggested the meetup and made the reservation; I sent a list of restaurant suggestions and one of the designers, C, helped to choose where we would end up. Nothing like collaboration, right?

Somehow, I ended up the first to arrive followed by J, M and C. We were seated at a corner table that was probably one of the nicest spots in the restaurant; it offered a great view of the bright interior and all of the other tables. It was so great seeing everyone together again and it felt almost like we never left given the conversation we had about the old company and other former colleagues.

Poached Eggs with herb vinaigrette

But let’s get onto the food. The menu wasn’t lengthy but provided a variety of delicious and healthy options. Three of us went for the poached eggs, while C opted for the Quinoa Pancakes. To be honest, it was really hard to choose what to order since everything looked tasty.

The poached eggs were served with a tomato kale pan roast and spaghetti squash chia rosti. There was also a choice of Béarnaise sauce or herb vinaigrette; all three of us went with the latter. It was excellent! As for the pancakes, it was served with baked apples, cashews, and barrel aged syrup. C cut up little pieces from her dish to share with us and it was delicious as well. Really, it would be hard to order wrong since all the food was so good.

Almond Milk Panna Cotta

We asked about dessert and the waitress said they had an almond milk panna cotta. That sounded really interesting so I ordered two to be split among the four of us. When it arrived, the panna cotta reminded me of the classic Chinese sweet tofu dessert. It was creamy and not too sweet, and a sprinkling of chai tea made it even more flavorful. When we were finally ready to leave and the bill arrived, the waitress told us the dessert was comped. I didn’t quite understand why but it was very nice of them and we tipped her a little more as a thank you.

Good food, great company and a wonderful way to truly begin the new year. We’ll have to do it again soon!