Brunch at Reynard

Reynard interior

For all that I live in a trendy, over-gentrified (in my opinion) neighborhood, I don’t really hang around there too much. When my friend Q told me she was going to be in the area to check out a local artists’ market, we ended up meeting there before heading over to the Wythe Hotel for brunch. The hotel is a short walk from my building though it seemed much longer when walking down very quiet streets on a cold, Sunday morning.

Brunch menu

I’ve only been inside the hotel once before, to check out a pop-up artisan market in the summer last year or the year before. Reynard, the restaurant located on the ground floor just off the entrance, has always been a place I wanted to try but never had a chance to until now. The interior is very beautiful, with the tile work on the floor and the tall windows that let in a lot of natural light. We were seated at the very back, next to the glass walls that look out over a pretty courtyard. This time of year, there was nothing outside except for the strings of lights hanging along the walls that surround the patio area but I have seen it come to life in the evenings when I’ve been driven past it.

Fried chicken and Dutch Pancake

The brunch menu offered some very interesting selections. I was torn between several items but ended up with the Dutch pancake while Q chose the fried chicken. When the food arrived, the pancake was pretty big and not quite what I was expected. There was no description for it on the menu and I had thought it would be served with sweet fillings such as apples. Instead, this was a savory version, with prosciutto and topped with slightly melted cheese. The pancake itself was sweet, with maple syrup drizzled along the outer edges so overall it was a good mix of salty and sweet. It was far too big and I think I managed to eat about three-quarters of it before stopping, which wasn’t too bad considering the size.

The fried chicken appeared to be more lighter in appearance though probably just as filling. The chicken was nice and crispy, and not greasy at all. It was served with a fava bean purée and dusted with za’atar which made the whole thing absolutely tasty. I would definitely order that if I were to visit again; while the Dutch pancake was good it was probably a bit too much food for me.