Around Town

A Weekend of Holiday Trains

Grand Central Terminal model

With the holidays now upon us, life has gotten more busy during the last few weeks. Between checking out all the holiday shops, craft fairs and pop-up stores as well as meeting up with friends, I did make room for a few free events going on around the city this month.

Holiday Train Show

During a recent stopover at Grand Central Terminal, I walked by the Transit Museum Annex and detoured inside to take a look at the holiday train show the museum puts on display every year. The tiny shop/museum annex was full of people as some bought gifts while others (like me) went in to admire the models of trains, buildings and city and country landscapes.

Grand Central Terminal model

The biggest set was a miniature version of Grand Central Terminal itself, with taxis, cars and buses driving up Park Avenue and into and around the terminal. Crouching down below is a cut-away view of tracks, platforms and vintage trains. I love the retro feel of it as it reminds one of the golden age of travel by train.

Vintage Subway

And the following day, I decide to enjoy the real vintage trains by hopping on for a nostalgia ride. I took a regular train to Queens Plaza and arrived in time to watch the vintage train entering the station. There were plenty of people already waiting for it at this end of the route and we all hopped on board once it arrived on the other track to head back into Manhattan. The car I happened to enter was already filled with people as there were musicians and a singer already there, entertaining the people who had stayed on board the train.

Grand St. Stompers

The Grand St. Stompers sang and played throughout the ride to the Lower East Side, filling the car with holiday songs. Everyone took photos (of course) and enjoyed the music as well. Once we arrived at the end of the route, another band greeted us on the station platform as well dancers and many more people dressed in fashionable vintage attire. It was nice to get a glimpse of the past.

Second Avenue station

For those interested, there’s one more Sunday left to hop aboard and ride the old trains before they go back to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. And the holiday train show at the Transit Museum will be on display through mid-February of next year.