Breakfast at Locanda Verde

Breakfast dishes

I spent my birthday eating my way through the day. Though I did have a small breakfast at home first (because I’m usually up early), my second breakfast took place at Locanda Verde. Dinners are usually how I end up celebrating with friends but it’s nice to have a change and since my weekdays have been free, I wanted to go have a morning meal at a nice place.

Locanda Verde is one of those places I always hear about and never exactly know where it is other than somewhere in Tribeca. My friend and I met up before 10am and headed inside. We were seated right by the windows that looked out onto Grennwich Ave. The restaurant is located within the Greenwich Hotel and M noticed there were paparazzi hanging around on the sidewalk (we never did find out which celebrity was staying at the hotel).

There were several things on the menu that caught my eye but ultimiately I went with the Uova a Piacere, which was eggs, crispy garlic potatoes and toast. M settled on the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and we both ordered sides of pork sausage and bacon. The pancakes, smoked bacon and crispy potatoes were pretty good. I wasn’t really thrilled with the eggs (I hard ordered over easy and they ended up arriving as poached, and not very warm). M thought the sausage was okay but I did like the spices in it. My genmaicha tea was good and though they did give me the wrong tea at first, the waiter realized his mistake and corrected it a minute later; I had been given jasmine tea instead and wasn’t bothered too much by the mistake since I will pretty much drink any decent type of tea.

Mirror reflection

Overall, it was decent but the service was a bit spotty. Perhaps dinner might be better but at least I’ve tried it once. There are other breakfast places to try on my list and I can cross this one off now. One nice thing though is that there is a to-go counter so one can pick up a drink or pastries instead of sitting down to a full meal. I was eyeing the doughnuts and considered getting one to go but showed restraint.

When we left, the photographers and a few other people were gathered by the hotel entrance still waiting for the mysterious celebrity to appear. And speaking of photos, for fun I snapped one of M and I sitting at our table, reflected in one of the slanted mirrored panels along the ceiling of the restaurant; an unusual selfie of sorts, I think.