A Visit to the World’s Fair Pavilion

New York hosted two World’s Fair events in the last century and alas, I wasn’t born yet when either one took place. Not much has remained from either Fair but there are still bits of the 1964 World’s Fair that are still accessible to the public. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Fair… Continue Reading

Dinner at Claudette

Despite a slightly disappointing start with breakfast, I ended my birthday with a fabulous dinner at Claudette. My friend Q was treating that evening and we both had been wanting to check out the restaurant so it made perfect sense to go there. Claudette serves French (Provençal) cuisine with a Middle Eastern bent. There are… Continue Reading

Breakfast at Locanda Verde

I spent my birthday eating my way through the day. Though I did have a small breakfast at home first (because I’m usually up early), my second breakfast took place at Locanda Verde. Dinners are usually how I end up celebrating with friends but it’s nice to have a change and since my weekdays have… Continue Reading

The Dyckman Farmhouse

I recently spent a weekend up in Inwood, the neighborhood at the northern end of Manhattan island (though it’s not the furthest neighborhood of the borough; that honor goes to Marble Hill). Usually, I’m only in the area for the annual Medieval Festival or a visit to the Cloisters but for once, I travelled beyond… Continue Reading