Breakfast at Maialino

Maialino Breakfast

The last few days have definitely been ones of indulgence. Celebrating a friend’s birthday last week meant a day of eating very good food. A late breakfast at Maialino eased us straight to lunchtime and we managed to get through the rest of the day without eating until dinner.


I’ve never been to Maialino before. Italian restaurants aren’t usually on my list of places to dine; I much prefer French if choosing someplace with a European feel. When my friend Q invited me to join her for a birthday breakfast before we went to the Met that afternoon, I easily agreed. It’s very rare to dine out for breakfast on a weekday and even more so at a very nice restaurant. We agreed to meet at 10:30am but had to rush to give our waitress our order; apparently breakfast is only served till 10am so we had cut it very very close and I ended up texting my order to Q (who arrived earlier) on my way over.

Ricotta Pancakes

We each ordered an egg dish and split the ricotta pancakes. Q chose the Contadino, which was poached eggs served on corn, tomatoes and jalapeno; the menu is seasonal so the vegetables will change depending on time of year. I ended up ordering the Salsiccia Fungo, which contained a vegetarian mushroom sausage patty, hash brown and a sunnyside egg with a bit of salad. My dish wasn’t too bad but I wasn’t a fan of the sausage because it contained cheese. The ricotta pancakes were pretty delicious though; two very large and fluffy pancakes that could easily feed three or four people. The ricotta kept the batter very moist, almost like a custard (at least I couldn’t taste the cheese flavor in it) and the maple syrup and pear butter that accompanied the pancakes were excellent.

And the tea menu was pretty good too. I ended up with a pot of hojicha (one of my favorites) instead of the usual Earl Grey or English Breakfast. We were so full that it was a slower walk back to the train station and then walking off all the calories as we wandered through the museum.