Tea Break at Chalait

Nutella toast and matcha cucumber spritzer

I finally had an excuse to visit Chalait, a cafe that opened not too long ago that specializes in matcha-based drinks — my friend Queenie is working there and what better excuse to drop in, say hello and take a tea break. After dim sum earlier in the day followed by some window shopping, it was the perfect time to give my feet a rest. Thankfully, Chalait wasn’t too crowded when I arrived and after placing my order, I grabbed a seat at the counter so I could chat a little bit with Queenie.

I definitely wanted a drink and I ended up ordering a snack of Nutella toast as well. Instead of a simple matcha iced tea, I chose the special, a matcha spritzer made with cucumber and mint. It was the perfect drink, light and refreshing. The toast was simply two pieces of baguette slathered with Nutella and topped with pistachios and sea salt. Simple and very sweet; the Nutella was warm and very gooey, with my fingers leaving a sticky mess all over the napkin. There are savory options on the menu, too; the woman sitting next to me ordered the avocado toast and it looked tasty. I should definitely return and try it on my next visit.