Around Town

Springtime at the New York Botanical Garden

Cherry blossoms

With a free one-year membership to the Botanical Garden, I’ve been taking full advantage of it and heading up there far more often these days. My most recent visit was to check out the Antique Garden Furniture Fair that was held last month.

Display at the Antique Garden Furniture Fair

That weekend was one of the warmest to date. With the sun shining down from clear blue skies, the garden was a good place to spend time outdoors. The antique fair was interesting to browse (and imagine spending a ton of money on) but I was much more interested in catching the peak blossoms of the flowering trees, from cherries to magnolias and others.

Tropical bloom

Tropical bloom

A walk through the exhibits in the Conservatory revealed some very interesting specimens as well as more familiar plants.

Lily of the valley

Rock garden

Waterfall in the Rock Garden

I also took a stroll through the Rock Garden, one area I had somehow missed on previous visits. Since I took different paths around the gardens, I ended up finding the entrance to it this time. There were other people wandering around that area but even so, it was still pretty peaceful. I think the highlight for most people was the waterfall there.

Daffodil Hill

Flowers were blooming everywhere and Daffodil Hill was probably the showiest area of all. Gently sloping hills were covered with hundreds (maybe thousands) of yellow and white daffodils. There were plenty of people—kids and adults alike—sitting amongst the flowers and taking pictures. It’s a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, sitting right in the middle and surrounded by flowers and leaves as tall as you; too bad the flowers can’t talk back.

Rose Garden

And right before I left, I hiked up to the Rose Garden but there wasn’t much to see. It was off-limits to visitors during my visit but with nothing in bloom there just yet, it really didn’t matter too much. The roses should be popping up soon.