Lunch at Genuine Superette

Genuine Superette counter

At a corner where Little Italy meets Chinatown is a new eatery that is neither Italian nor Asian. I met M for an early lunch on Saturday at Genuine Superette before we headed for an event in Brooklyn.

The new downtown location is much more convenient for me to get to than their original spot at Gotham West Market. Having just opened a few days before, I thought Genuine Superette would be crowded but thankfully it wasn’t, with only about three occupied tables when we arrived.

Seating area

I like that it’s counter service so it’s pretty casual. The menu is hung in large panels above the counter though I found it easier to browse a printed smaller version at eye level. After placing our orders and receiving a number, we grabbed a table near a window and waited for the waitress to bring the food once it’s ready. I was going to order the buttermilk battered chicken sandwich when something else caught my eye.

Fried Chicken and Waffle and French Fries

How can anyone say no to the “Left Coast Chicken & Waffles”? It satisfied my fried and waffle cravings perfectly and the portion was perfect for me, though it may look a bit small to others. I also ordered a side of fries to go with it and the one healthy part of my meal was a green juice. It was all very tasty and I ate it all, though it meant the waitress had to come back to our table a second time since I planned on leaving no leftovers.

Portobello Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

M settled on the Portobello Mushroom Burger, a side of sweet potato fries (which I thought were pretty good and I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes) and a “Gold” juice; she originally wanted hot coffee but they don’t seem to serve coffee (or any hot drinks at all).

The time we arrived at the restaurant was also perfect; by the time we were done, more people had come in and in larger groups (there were a few families with children) so it would have been harder to get a table. It’s definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood since I do end up in Chinatown a lot and great for grabbing a bite to stay or to go.