Lunch at Kiin Thai Eatery

With the weather warming up and my immune system on the mend, it was time to finally get out and hang out with friends. I met up with P on Saturday for lunch at Kiin Thai Eatery.

There seems to be a lot of new Thai places opening around the city; I always send links and reviews of new places to P because a) she’s Thai and b) we are foodies and we enjoy comparing notes about Thai food. I think for me, it’s still hard to beat Pok Pok for really good Thai food in New York even though we have visited other places that do have excellent food. I think we end up going to certain restaurants for certain dishes and regional cuisines but there isn’t a definite favorite place for me yet.

Kiin Interior

Kiin is a sister restaurant to Somtum Der, another place where we’ve eaten at I think last year. The latter has pretty good food though it’s location on the Lower East Side isn’t that convenient. Kiin is across town in the West Village and is much more accessible to the trains, which was a plus since both P and I were running late that afternoon. I still managed to arrive first and took a seat in the larger dining room. There were only about three other tables occupied when I got there so I was able to get a good look around the space. I liked that it was light and airy, which was a nice change from the decor of so many other Thai restaurants around town.

While I waited for P, I browsed the menus; we were given the regular menu as well as another one that listed the lunch specials. It was hard to choose because I wanted to try several things but in the end, I chose the ‘Prik Pao‘ fried rice with fried chicken. P went for something simpler and nostalgic and ordered the Fried rice with shrimp. Both were lunch specials and we had the option of a side of spicy papaya salad or a cucumber soup—it was salad for the both of us.

Lunch menu

My fried rice was good but I couldn’t finish it at all. I like spicy food but between the rice and the papaya salad, there was a bit too much heat for me. And I can’t say I wasn’t warned either; on the menu, there was a picture of two chili peppers next to my dish to indicate the spicy factor. Perhaps I should’ve gone with the Pad Thai instead, or ordered the cucumber soup instead of the salad. It was a good thing there a small plate of cucumber and carrot sticks; I ate all of them to help cool my mouth. And I drank all of the Thai Tea with Lemon I had also ordered.

Lunch specials

We were offered the dessert menu but to be honest, we were both too full to eat anything else at the point. If we had ordered, it probably would have been the traditional mango with sticky rice. Ah well, maybe next time!