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A Morning in Kitzbühel

Apologies for the month-long hiatus; I’ve been struggling with a second bout of illness within a month and unfortunately, I’m still in the midst of recovering from a very painful sinus infection. I’ll try to post a bit more regularly now that the worst of it has passed (I hope).


After a day in Munich, we continued westward and headed right back into Austria once more. Our final destination of the day was Innsbruck but we made a morning stopover first in the ski resort town of Kitzbühel. I’ve never heard of the town before but apparently, it’s renowned for skiing. The only problem with that, as our guide pointed out, was the very mild weather which meant there wasn’t much snow to be had in the mountains for some world-class ski events.

Kitzbühel Coat of Arms

Kitzbühel is a very old town with lots of beautiful, colorful buildings and very narrow streets. Our bus was parked in a lot just on the outskirts of town and we took a stroll into the medieval heart of the city. We had about an hour or so to wander around but nothing in the shops really interested me and overall, it was pretty quiet even for a Monday. It makes me wonder what it must be like to be around during the World Cup ski season.

Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche)

Buildings along Vorderstadt

Town Fountain

Stepping out of the medieval town center, the buildings are no less colorful nor boring:


Kate, our tour director, advised us to grab lunch while we were here. We were heading straight for Innsbruck afterwards and there would be no other stops along the way. She suggested a butcher’s shop down the main street but I think most of us ended up at the café right at the meeting point for our departure.

Pano Café

It wasn’t quite lunchtime just yet and I wasn’t even terribly hungry at that point. The café was pretty packed with people, mostly from my tour group and the other group that ran parallel to ours. I settled on toast with butter and plum marmalade and a cup of Earl Grey. Really light fare but at least I wouldn’t be completely starving.

Toast and tea

There were some interesting pastries and chocolates in one of the display counters and while tempting, it was far too early for sweets! I don’t think a slice of cake or torte would last very well on the ride to our hotel.