One Hour in Vaduz

We finally said farewell to Austria and were on our way to Switzerland. But first, we made a stop in one of the smallest countries in the world. I’ve always been curious about Liechtenstein; back in school, we were told that it was the smallest country (though that’s not really the case) so I wondered… Continue Reading

Lunch at Kiin Thai Eatery

With the weather warming up and my immune system on the mend, it was time to finally get out and hang out with friends. I met up with P on Saturday for lunch at Kiin Thai Eatery. There seems to be a lot of new Thai places opening around the city; I always send links… Continue Reading

Visiting Innsbruck

Of all the places we visited or stopped in during our weeklong tour, Innsbruck was my favorite. We arrived in the early afternoon so there was plenty of time to take in the sights even though we were only staying for the night. Our hotel was very, very conveniently located and after checking in, we… Continue Reading

A Morning in Kitzbühel

Apologies for the month-long hiatus; I’ve been struggling with a second bout of illness within a month and unfortunately, I’m still in the midst of recovering from a very painful sinus infection. I’ll try to post a bit more regularly now that the worst of it has passed (I hope). After a day in Munich,… Continue Reading