Ho-Dduk at Grace Street

Ho-Dduk with vanilla ice cream

After a long day of shopping and browsing, my friend P and I ended up in Koreatown on Saturday. Our feet were tired and after a tasty but not too filling lunch, we just wanted some place to sit down and grab a snack and drink. I suggested Grace Street since there is more seating than the other bakeries and cafes along 32nd Street.

I hadn’t been to Grace Street in a long time. After we were seated by the hostess, we took a look at the menu. Besides tea and coffee, they serve a few interesting desserts. I was tempted by the waffle (which is freshly baked and the menu warns it will take approximately 15 minutes) but ended up ordering a Korean doughnut called the Ho-Dduk.

Neither of were quite sure what to expect; the waitress said she it could be shared among two people but that was pretty much it. When it arrived, the doughnut was cut into six pieces with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. There was a filling inside the doughnut that spilled out onto the plate: the cinnamon was pretty song and flavored the brown sugar nicely. I liked eating it with a bit of the ice cream and enjoyed the warm and cold, spicy and sweet flavors in my mouth. It also reminds me a lot of the Japanese sweet, yatsuhashi (my sister brought back some from Kyoto on a trip to Japan many years ago).

I’m glad we gave it a try instead of going for the slightly less interesting waffle (mochi waffles, anyone?). It’s something I would definitely order again.