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Patisserie Burrow

Patisserie Burrow cookie sign

If one walks to the very back of the lobby of a somewhat nondescript building in DUMBO, there is a reward waiting at the end of corridor. Tucked into the space is Patisserie Burrow. It’s about the size of a jewel box; very tiny but with such delicate and delicious treats.

I’ve had my eye on visiting for a very long time but logistically, it was near impossible until my week off. Burrow was only opened on the weekdays (it just started to open on Saturdays this past weekend) and there was no way I could have gone unless I had a day off. And it’s even better to go with a friend, as I did the day after my birthday.

Shelves of cookies, brownies, and tea cakes

Slices of Apple Pie

Pastries in counter

Behind the counter

I love how there are so many tasty delights stacked on the shelves while a few miniature pastries are encased in a small marble and glass counter. When my friend and I arrived, there were slices of cheesecake, a pistachio mousse cake, fig tart and a cupcake topped with a macaron shelf that looked very much like a mushroom found in fantasy realms. We had a hard time choosing what to order but in the end settled on a slice of apple pie (it was so, so very thin!) and the fig tart. The inside of the shop was very stuffy so I also got an iced green tea to help cool down while my friend ordered a coffee. Needless to say, everything was delicious.

Iced Green Tea, Apple Pie, Fig Tart and Coffee

And I just couldn’t leave without buying a few things to go. In this case, it was a small sampling of the cookies; they all looked so good. From the many varieties, I chose a chocolate-thumb cookie, a jam sandwich, three nut-based cookies (almonds; hazelnuts; and one with mixed nuts) and a palmier. And they tasted just as good as they appeared.

Bakery box lid with twine

Assorted cookies