Arcade Bakery

Arcade Bakery

I first learned about Arcade Bakery through my friends, Queenie and Jee. It’s received several write-ups in food blogs and magazines since then but it took me a long time before I got around to visiting. Like Patisserie Burrow, Arcade Bakery is one of those places open only on weekdays and since it’s located in Tribeca, it made it hard for me to visit when it’s actually open.

Arcade Bakery

Loaves of Bread

On the last day of my vacation, I went down to see Queenie and with some helpful directions from her, then headed down to Arcade. I might have walked right by the entrance had they not recently put a sign on the exterior of the office building the bakery is located in. As its name implies, Arcade can be found literally in the arcade of the building. The corridor is lined with dark wood paneling and set into niches are pull down tables where people can sit and eat, if not taking their food to go. There are also shelves with fancy loaves of bread for decoration.

Sandwich and Iced Green Tea

The baked goods at the counter looked really good but I wanted something more savory for my lunch. There are a few sandwich selections as well as pizzas. The pizzas are made-to-order and I considered it but the individual pie was too large for me to finish then and there. Instead, I picked the vegetarian sandwich (can’t remember what was in it other than roasted carrots and chickpeas but it was really good) and an iced tea.

Baked Goods

And after that, I headed right back to the counter to pick up something sweet to go. Queenie had recommended the chocolate croissant so I went with her suggestion and also ordered a lemon sugar brioche as well. They ended up being breakfast the following days and after popping them in the toaster oven to warm them up, they tasted just fine. The chocolate croissant was excellent and definitely one of the better ones in the city. If time permits (e.g. another vacation day), I’d like to go back and try some of the other items. I did see several office workers come in and leave with bags of baguettes under their arms, so perhaps I should try one those next time.