The Paris Café


The South Street Seaport and Financial District are not areas where I would normally go when I’m looking for a post-work dinner. If I have to eat all the way downtown, I usually end up further west and north in Tribeca. In the end, I did what most people would do and just went to a search engine. On OpenTable, two restaurants came up for the Seaport area and that’s where M and I wound up for dinner since she’s working in the Financial District these days.

The Paris Café is located on the far edge of the general Seaport area, directly facing the East River Drive as the lanes run above South Street. We took the scenic route over, walking down Wall Street and then along the pedestrian paths that edge the East River and north to the Seaport. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the area; I haven’t visited since the last time the New Amsterdam Market was running back in early summer. The restaurant itself isn’t new—it dates from 1873—but the interiors have been restored after Hurricane Sandy (look up to see the copper ceiling tiles above one’s head); I remember seeing a news feature about its reopening a few months ago.

Copper ceiling tiles

Despite its name, the food was more traditional British pub fare than French. There were a lot of people having drinks (mostly the after-work crowd) or a meal (residents that lived in the area) when we arrived but we were seated pretty quickly. We opted to sit in the back room which was a lot less noisy and had fewer patrons. After perusing the menu, the two of us settled on seafood and chips: fish for me, mussels for M. And don’t forget the drinks; it had been a very long week at work but I also wanted something fruity so I ordered a peach mojito while M had a glass of white wine.

Peach Mojito

Fish and chips; mussels and chips

The food was pretty good and it filled us but we weren’t too stuffed. There was still room for dessert (we opted out of that at the restaurant) but first, a walk was in order. The night wasn’t too bad and we trekked to the west side before sitting for some cake at a supermarket (that would be Whole Foods), of all places.