Red Rooster

Red Rooster Brunch Menu

The nice thing about having friends who are running races in the morning is that we can meet up afterward for food, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or brunch. The earlier the race ends, the better, though not always so: some restaurants aren’t even open yet by the time racers have crossed the finish line.

In this case, the timing worked out pretty well. The race was up in the Hamilton Heights and Harlem area and that meant we could go to Red Rooster as soon as it opened. I arrived just after 10am and there was a line out the door; it turned out that many of the racers had the exact same post-race plans. Fortunately, the line moved pretty quickly and when I got in, I saw my friends (or rather one friend and a former coworker) already seated at a table.


It was hard to decide what to eat but the three of us ended up with different dishes. I settled on the Red Rooster Scramble, M had the Bloody Mary Eggs and U the Brioche French Toast. Everything was so delicious! I particularly liked the biscuit that came with my dish and U gave me a piece of the French Toast (also very, very tasty) while she had some of the sausage from my plate. Also of note was the black tea I ordered; co-owner Marcus Samuelsson created custom tea blends with Harney and Sons, so the tea served came from that collection. The one I chose that day was the Safari Breakfast. One can receive a free tea sample if the bill is paid with a Mastercard (we didn’t but it was fine; I have more than enough tea at home).

Finally, another restaurant crossed off my to-visit list!