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With so many coffee establishments in New York, a new tea place is most certainly welcome for non-coffee drinkers like me. The latest tea shop just happened to open in my neighborhood last week so I went to check it out over the weekend.



Specializing in the type of tea as its name implies, MatchaBar is all about matcha. They sell prepackaged tins of if as well as offering matcha-based drinks to go. And for non-tea drinkers who were dragged in by tea-loving friends, coffee is also on the menu. The space itself is pretty nice; there is seating in the front by the window and a large communal table in the back. I also love the very appopriate leafy print that adorns the wall.

Iced Watermelon and Matcha

And so what to try from the menu? It was a warm day so I ended up ordering one of their specialty drinks: the iced watermelon and matcha. It seemed to be one of the more popular items the day I went. When I received my drink, the watermelon and matcha were separated in colorful layers that all turned to green once I mixed it up. It was tasty and definitely refreshing, not at all bitter.

They serve hot matcha-based drinks too, which I may try as the temperatures drop in these coming months. Some baked goods were also available as well for those that need something to go along with their drinks; since I went in the afternoon, there wasn’t much variety left but I think I did see some scones and muffins.