English Breakfast at the Breslin

English Breakfast at the Breslin

After trying and failing to meet during the weekend of Labor Day, I met up with M for a Monday brunch at The Breslin. Being that it was a Monday, it was hard to know for certain what restaurants would actually be serving brunch on the last day of the long weekend.

It wasn’t too bad at 11am, our meeting time, and the restaurant was busy but not crowded. We both ended up ordering the same thing: English Breakfast. It was a toss-up between that and the Strawberry-Cornmeal Pancakes but I think we did make the better choice. One of the tables near us ordered the pancakes and though it looked good, it didn’t look very filling. I also considered ordering a scone as well but I’m not a big fan of blueberry pastries. Had it been strawberry, I would definitely have gotten it.

I love English Breakfast and honestly, I think I’ve gotten better ones here than across the pond (unless I finally make it to that one place in London that’s known for their English Breakfasts). And that’s also assuming one doesn’t count The Hawksmoor, which has an awesome breakfast spread (for two people) that is so much more than the standard English Breakfast fare and makes the regular breakfast plate seem more of an appetizer (I think my sister and I still dream about that meal sometimes). Meanwhile, the one at the Breslin comes with the usual foodstuffs: eggs, pork sausage, blood pudding, bacon, roasted tomato and mushrooms. It was all fine except the blood pudding was a bit more gritty and loose than I would like. And I wish there was a bit of buttered toast and some baked beans to go with all of it.

But it was more than enough food to get us going and we walked off the calories with some window shopping afterward.