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Brooklyn Grange Farm

Brooklyn Grange Sign

I’m back after a month-and-a-half of a somewhat self-imposed hiatus. August had been pretty insane with the amount of work at the office and I barely did anything fun or exciting over the summer weekends. I finally downloaded a batch of photos from my camera and saw there were a few things that might seem interesting.

Back in July, I met up with a friend one day and told her I was planning to head up to the Brooklyn Grange farm that afternoon. She decided to join me and we hopped on the subway to Queens (there is a farm in Brooklyn but the one is Queens is the flagship). Getting there was easy; trying to figure out how to get up to the roof required a bit more work but we managed in the end.

Rows of Vegetables, Water tower and Wheelbarrow

Row of Chard

Once we stepped outside, we were greeted with a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline on one side and the Queens landscape on the other. There was one main aisle running through the middle of the roof, and rows of vegetables, herbs and fruit branched off toward the walls. Some of the vegetables that were grown included kale, lettuce, eggplants, peppers, chard and carrots. Off to the side, there was also a chicken coop and a beehive.


Flowers and Lettuce

On Ssturdays, the farm in Long Island City is open to the public and one could buy fresh produce and other items. The vegetables, eggs, and honey for sale come directly from the farm. We arrived late in the afternoon so there wasn’t much left for sale but what I did see looked good. There were also some activities for children in the western corner; on my visit, there were a few kids either coloring or making something while others were learning more about how earthworms helped with gardening. It’s a nice way and place to spend a day.