Around Town

The Frick Collection

Fifth Avenue Garden and Exterior of The Frick Collection

One of the best perks at my company (before the spin-off) was the free admissions to many of the city’s museums. Thanks to corporate admission, I would find myself visiting museums more often than I would had I been a paying guest (though yes, many do offer paying a “suggested” amount if one doesn’t wish to pay the full amount). Over the years, I’ve been a frequent visitor of the Met and the Cloisters, MoMA and the American Museum of Natural History. One of the museums that wasn’t on the corporate admission list but I’ve been meaning to visit is The Frick Collection. During frequent forays to the uptown Ladurée, I would walk by the entrance and gardens of the museum and always wonder when I’ll get around to finally seeing what lay inside.

Yesterday was finally the day.

On Sunday mornings, admission to the Frick is “pay as you wish”. I managed to get uptown during those hours and pay a fraction of what it normally costs (like the Met and MoMA, a ticket for the Frick costs as much as going to the movies). There were already plenty of people inside but it wasn’t too crowded once one gets past the entrance and reception halls. Even though there are many rooms in the mansion, for me it was more or less a straight path to get from one area to the next and not end up in the same room over and over again.

The Garden Court

According to Gothamist (which was what prompted me to finally visit) the most-photographed room at the Frick is the beautiful Garden Court. That’s no surprise since the museum does not allow photographs anywhere else inside. The Garden Court is very lovely though, with plants, sculptures and a fountain situated on the former driveway; there were many people sitting on the benches and taking a break from all the art. While I liked it very much, it would have been nicer to take a walk around the gardens outside but alas, they were off-limits. I guess I’ll continue to admire the manicured lawns from the street then.

Outdoor Garden next to the Entrance