Sweet Treat: Yuzu Verbena Soft-Serve

Yuzu Verbena Soft-Serve

It was a hot, hot day yesterday and after a somewhat light lunch, all I wanted was something cold and creamy. The only that fit the bill and has been on my mind for several days was soft-serve ice cream. But I wasn’t interested in anything from the overpriced ice cream trucks parked around midtown. I wanted something better.

And that was how I ended up at the midtown location of Momofuku Milk Bar. There were two soft-serve flavors available: cereal milk and yuzu verbena. The former is available at all locations of Milk Bar but the latter differs. Why try the basic signature flavor when I could get something much more interesting? The yuzu stood out so much it seemed to overpower any other flavors in the ice cream base; it ended up tasting more like a lemony sorbet than ice cream. Overall, it wasn’t too bad and it was light and refreshing to eat as I walked back to the office in the heat but alas, it did not satisfy my cravings. I think I should just go to the grocery store and stock up on my other craving instead: a classic ice cream sandwich.