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Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden

Corinthian Columns

Balustrades and Flower Beds

Flowers and Metal Furniture

Statue and Bench

Stone Dragon

Tucked amid the boutiques, restaurants and apartments of Soho is the Elizabeth Street Garden. It’s a great place to stop and rest after a bit of (window) shopping and provides a nice counterpart to the hustle and bustle a few blocks over on Broadway. Whenever I’m taking the scenic route down to Chinatown, I love walking by and admiring the wonderful antiques, sculptures and myriad architectural elements scattered on the lawns. I am a sucker for architectural ruins that remind me of ancient Greece and Rome.

The Garden takes up the shorter length of a block though the entrance is located on one of the two streets it touches. A few weeks ago, I had walked past with a friend and there was a band playing inside for visitors of the Garden. During this visit, it was a much quieter affair with many people sitting on benches or lying on the grass; there was one woman leaning against the base of a statue, book in hand.