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Celebrating the Fourth

Mixed Berry Tart

It’s too cold and damp for any real partying and fun for this year’s Independence Day. I had hoped to spend the day outdoors but the weather has derailed those plans (though it hasn’t stopped determined grillers, judging by the smell of charcoal drifting in along the breeze).

So instead, I’ll be celebrating at home with a red, white and blue Mixed Berry Tart from Balthazar. One cannot go wrong with seasonal fruit currently in peak, cream and a pastry shell.

But in all seriousness, I did do something patriotic last week and that was checking out the Declaration of Independence. For one brief week, the New York Public Library had on display an original copy of the document written in Jefferson’s own hand. The exhibit was held inside the (rarely opened to the public) Celeste Bartos Forum and it was nice to revisit that room again.

Viewing the Declaration of Independence at the NYPL

As for the document itself, it was displayed in two large cases. Inside each case was a sheet of paper suspended inside to make it easier to view. Words were written on both sides of the papers and looking closely at each one, it’s not too difficult to make out the words written by our third President and all the things he underlined. (The brochure handed out at the exhibition contained a transcript of the entire document with the revisions included.)

Declaration of Independence at the NYPL