Sweet Treat: Yuzu Verbena Soft-Serve

It was a hot, hot day yesterday and after a somewhat light lunch, all I wanted was something cold and creamy. The only that fit the bill and has been on my mind for several days was soft-serve ice cream. But I wasn’t interested in anything from the overpriced ice cream trucks parked around midtown…. Continue Reading

Elizabeth Street Garden

Tucked amid the boutiques, restaurants and apartments of Soho is the Elizabeth Street Garden. It’s a great place to stop and rest after a bit of (window) shopping and provides a nice counterpart to the hustle and bustle a few blocks over on Broadway. Whenever I’m taking the scenic route down to Chinatown, I love… Continue Reading

The Frick Collection

One of the best perks at my company (before the spin-off) was the free admissions to many of the city’s museums. Thanks to corporate admission, I would find myself visiting museums more often than I would had I been a paying guest (though yes, many do offer paying a “suggested” amount if one doesn’t wish… Continue Reading

Celebrating the Fourth

It’s too cold and damp for any real partying and fun for this year’s Independence Day. I had hoped to spend the day outdoors but the weather has derailed those plans (though it hasn’t stopped determined grillers, judging by the smell of charcoal drifting in along the breeze). So instead, I’ll be celebrating at home… Continue Reading