Uncle Boons

Uncle Boons interior

Uncle Boons has long been on a to-visit list between me and my friend P. When we meet up for a meal, we have a habit of trying to check out new and/or interesting Thai restaurants in the city. So we finally went to Uncle Boons over the weekend as a late (but not belated since we had to work around our schedules) birthday dinner for her. The original idea was to go for brunch but the restaurant is only offering dinner service now.

We were seated in the back room, tucked into the cozy corner booth. It was still early afternoon but the lighting inside was very dim (hence the not so great photos below) and it was somewhat hard to read the menu; there was a window directly behind our seats so we had a little natural light to help us but a group at another table required the use of flashlights (a literal flashlight and using smartphones as well) in order to read the small text. The menu itself isn’t very long and with our various food requirements (e.g. allergies, or general dislike of certain ingredients), it wasn’t too hard to narrow down what we should get. Between the two of us and at the suggestion of the waiter, we chose two small plates and one large plate to share.

Lychee Cocktail

We both ordered the Tong Taa “Real Gold”, a cocktail with lychee liqueur, chartreuse and sparkling wine. The waiter described it as refreshing and light but it ended up being a bit too strong for us. I really should have stuck to my usual iced tea (or Thai iced tea, in this case). In the end, I didn’t even finish the drink but I went through copious amounts of water.

Grilled Issan Sausage

Mee Krob

The first dish to arrive was the grilled Issan sausage, which was P’s choice. As the room filled up, I saw many other tables had also ordered the dish. It wasn’t bad but I’m not really a fan of the dish in general. The other appetizer we picked was the Mee Krob, which was a sweetbreads salad with crispy noodles, peanuts, dried shrimp and herbs. It was definitely better than the sausage and we were both pleasantly surprised at how great the sweetbreads were. Eating offal wasn’t a big deal for us and the Mee Krob was pretty tasty (I’m usually fine with offal as long as it isn’t haggis).

Kai Yang Muay Thai

I was beginning to get full even before the main dish arrived. The Kai Yang Muay Thai is half of a rotisserie grilled chicken, served with green mango salad and two dipping sauces. We also ordered a side of sticky rice to accompany it. It was more than enough to feed the two of us and we did have a hard time trying to finish it. The chicken was good and we preferred dipping it into the green sauce (which was similar to a chimichurri) than to the brown one, which I think was some combination of tamarind and fish sauce. After the other dishes, I was on fish sauce overload and the taste was pretty overpowering; at that point I just ended up drinking a lot of water to try to cleanse the palette.

When the waiter first came to our table, P wisely asked if we could see the dessert menu first. I most definitely wanted something sweet at the end of our meal and it would be helpful to figure out how much food we should order but still leave enough room for dessert. There are only sweets offered: the traditional mango sticky rice and a coconut sundae. I had wanted to order both but we ended up only ordering the coconut sundae, given our full we were and having had sticky rice as an accompaniment to the chicken. One of the tables next to us did order the mango sticky rice so we were able to see what it looked like so at least we didn’t miss out. The coconut sundae, on the other hand, was pretty huge. It reminded me a lot of the shaved ice desserts that I see in the Malaysian restaurants in Chinatown.

Coconut Sundae

It was coconut ice cream topped with whipped cream, peanuts, toasted coconut slivers and garnished with a butter coconut biscuit. We dug in and ate most of it, leaving mainly the biscuit (which I passed on, since I’ve eaten them often enough since I was young). We were so full at the end and the two of us totally needed to walk off all those calories after we left the restaurant. It was a nice evening and with the longer daylight hours, we ended up taking the scenic route to catch our trains home.