Sweet Treat: Soy Milk Blancmange

Soy Milk Blancmange

One of my favorite summer treats is the soy milk blancmange from Panya. It’s creamy without (or with less of) the fat of dairy and it reminds me a little of the Chinese sweet tofu I love to eat at the end of dim sum. The blancmange from Panya is sandwiched between a match base and a layer of yuzu gelatin topped with fruit. It’s light, smooth and refreshing and for me, there’s less guilt when it comes to wanting something sweet on a hot day. One of these days, I shall have to learn how to make it so I can have it whenever I want.

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  1. if it’s similar to the cold chinese tofu dessert available at dim sum , then i will have to try it!

  2. I think it’s pretty similar to the tofu dessert, so you should definitely give it a try. Panya changes the flavor from time to time; the mango version is just as good!

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