When I was in Greenpoint a few weeks ago, I meant to drop in at Ovenly but somehow it completely slipped my mind as I went exploring up and down streets I had never walked along when I was younger (my family used to do much of our supermarket shopping in Greenpoint, years and years before gentrification took over). I was in the area again this past Sunday for a craft fair and I made the bakery my starting point lest I forget again. The day was beautiful and most of the seats were empty in the small shop when I arrived; many people ordered to go and likely took their food and drink to the riverside park down the block.

Brooklyn Blackout Cake and Ginger Hibiscus Tea

After browsing the day’s selections, I settled for a slice of the Brooklyn Blackout Cake and a Ginger Hibiscus Iced Tea. I’ve had Blackout Cake from other bakeries though none have been as black as this one; even the frosting had a matte finish to it and the appearance reminded me a blackboard. The cake was delicious: it was moist and surprisingly not as sweet as I thought it would be, which was a very, very good thing. And the iced tea was a wonderful and refreshing accompaniment.

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  1. that cake is so black! well at least we are used to looking at chinese black sesame lol

  2. The slice of cake was so black it was hard to differentiate between actual cake and frosting, especially after it’s been cut into pieces while one is eating it.

    I think it was possibly darker than black sesame soup, so that’s saying a lot!

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