Ladurée Brunch Revisited

Laduree Brunch

Nearly one month to the day of my first visit, I was back at Ladurée for brunch again. It was a different friend this time but almost the same meal as before: we both ordered the Champs-Elysées set but this time, I opted for two eggs with bacon instead of scrambled eggs. And I washed it down with a pot of Earl Grey. The service had improved only slightly and I was again seated in the front room (there was a private party in the nicer back room and the garden did not open until the following day). But at least the food was better on this second visit:

Laduree Brunch

I think I prefer the eggs with bacon over the scrambled eggs; Ladurée makes a good version but I’m not much of a fan for the scrambled variety at any restaurant. And this time, I did get the fruit salad that was missing previously. All in all, another very good meal. Next up will ideally be cake (or some other pretty pastry) and tea in the garden. Anyone want to join me?

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  1. The fruit salad was delicious! It was interesting to see variety too since my friend’s fruit salad wasn’t the same as mine.

    I think overall, the food was better this time around than last. Hopefully the service will have improved when I next go (whenever that happens to be).

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