Pies ‘n’ Thighs

My sister had been watching some food-related show on cable and finally decided it was time to visit Pies ‘n’ Thighs. I hadn’t been in ages and happily joined her yesterday. I got there first, just before it opened and apparently we weren’t the only ones that wanted fried chicken for brunch; there were at… Continue Reading


When I was in Greenpoint a few weeks ago, I meant to drop in at Ovenly but somehow it completely slipped my mind as I went exploring up and down streets I had never walked along when I was younger (my family used to do much of our supermarket shopping in Greenpoint, years and years… Continue Reading

Ladurée Brunch Revisited

Nearly one month to the day of my first visit, I was back at Ladurée for brunch again. It was a different friend this time but almost the same meal as before: we both ordered the Champs-Elysées set but this time, I opted for two eggs with bacon instead of scrambled eggs. And I washed… Continue Reading

Ample Hills Creamery

I’ve been spending a lot more time in my home borough these days. When I was in the Boerum Hill/Prospect Heights vicinity recently, I finally decided to pay a visit to Ample Hills Creamery. What appeared to be a quick walk on a map ended up much longer thanks to streets that turned in different… Continue Reading

Jones Wood Foundry

When my friend Regina was in town recently, the two of us spent a very long and relaxing lunch at Jones Wood Foundry. I hadn’t been there in ages since it’s inconveniently (for me) located on the Upper East Side. We went on a weekday and there were no other customers except ourselves for a… Continue Reading