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Tea Drunk

Kung-Fu Tea at Tea Drunk

What I wanted on Saturday afternoon was a cool and creamy antidote to the increasingly warm weather. I walked over to the Big Gay Ice Cream shop, looked at the long line that formed outside the store and decided I should get something else instead. Just a few doors down was Tea Drunk, a tea shop on my to-visit list. It is tea only (no food) and the tea is served Kung-Fu style if one is dining in, so to speak. There is a really short to-go menu of iced tea on the day I went but I wanted to sit down and rest my tired feet.

I chose the Shui Xian Oolong Tea and sat down at a table; the counter was packed with other tea drinkers so there wasn’t any room to sit up there. I really enjoy the rituals of serving Kung-Fu tea though I haven’t had it in years. It was fun to watch as one of the shop assistants rinsed the pot and the cup before steeping the leaves and pouring the tea into the teeny cup. The tea itself was excellent; I really liked the flavor of it. And the leaves were steeped several times and each time, the flavor changed subtly. Even though it was hot outside, I didn’t mind drinking hot tea as well. The whole experience was pretty relaxing and I would definitely go again and try something else next time.