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Sweet Treat: Religieuse Griottes Amande

Cherry Almond Religieuse

This was one of the desserts I bought on my way out after brunch at Ladurée. I love cherries in desserts so this was a must get item. The religieuse was basically two cream puffs stacked on top of each other with cherries and an almond cream filling. It was very tasty! This is also the first dessert I’ve ever bought at Ladurée.

During my very first London trip, we stopped at the Ladurée store in Harrods Food Hall and I bought a large box of macarons and a croissant. I don’t think they had other pastries at the time though if they did, I opted for something I could easily bring back to the States. That croissant was my breakfast the next day, eaten in my hotel room before we headed to Heathrow for the return trip home. And since then, I’ve always wanted to try their other offerings that we couldn’t get until this SoHo location finally opened.

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  1. It actually looks pretty simple for a fancy dessert. There were other sweets that had more frills and ruffles, so to speak, then this one in the counter!

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