Sweet Treat: MallowMore


It had been a rough week at work and I really wanted something sweet to help lift the mood. Fortunately, more bakeries have opened in the past few years in midtown so it’s easier to get dessert near the office when it’s time for a tea or coffee break. I stopped into Bouchon and ended up with a hot cross bun (for breakfast the next day) and a gourmet version of a mallowmar, which they call “MallowMore”.

When I was little, my grandfather would buy a pack of mallowmars from time to time and every time I see them in a store, I think of when he would give one to my sister and I as afterschool treats. The Bouchon version is of an extra large size, compared to the store-bought variety. It was just as sweet as the ones I remember and it took me two sittings to eat it all. Though, I think I prefer the pre-packaged ones since they are of a more manageable size (with a better ratio of marshmallow to cookie and chocolate) and they bring back some good memories.