Sweet Chick

Chicken and Waffles

Impromptu dinner plans mid-week in my neighborhood are very rare. It happened this past Wednesday and even with a list of suggestions, my friend and I still could not decided where to eat. We ended up at Sweet Chick, a fried chicken and waffles restaurant.

To be honest, we’ve been discussing eating fried chicken and waffles off and on for the last few weeks so I suppose we finally got rid of the cravings that night. And that’s exactly what we ordered, though she had the bacon and cheddar waffles while I chose the mushroom and rosemary version. Also available are the classic plain waffles as well as ones with dried cherries. We washed the grease away with soda, and Arnold Palmer version for me while she had the Mexican Coke. All in all, it was tasty and filling enough without being too stuffed. Unfortunately, neither of us had room (or were in the mood for) dessert, though we did eye the apple pie on the menu.