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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Springtime at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is wonderful, especially when the weather is good and everything is in bloom. This weekend is the annual Sakura Matsuri but I never visit on festival days anymore due to the large crowds. I went last weekend instead and while the cherry esplanade wasn’t flowering yet, there were still a few trees that shed plenty of pink petals when the branches swayed in the wind.

Cherry Blossoms

Daffodil Hill

Red Emperor Tulips

Shakespeare Garden

Besides the cherry trees, the magnolias and dogwoods were also in bloom, though some were already past their peek. And there were daffodils everywhere, particularly on Daffodil Hill. I think my favorite flowers of the day were the bright red Emperor Tulips. With the sun shining brightly on them, the petals looked more like silk than the real thing.

Cherry Blossoms

Magnolia Blossoms


Rock Garden


The southern end of the garden was under construction but that did not decrease the many people that and explored what was open. There were also a few other changes since my last visit some years ago, which meant I meandered through lesser traveled paths and came across things I hadn’t seen before. There was even a wedding being held on the lawns. I really enjoyed listening to a musical quartet playing Vivaldi as I browsed the flowers and trees.