Rose Bakery Redux

Cream Tea

Finally, I made it to Rose Bakery at the appropriate time to try the Cream Tea. It’s only served after 4pm as part of a lighter menu, reminiscent of British tea time. What arrived was nearly identical to what I ordered on my previous lunchtime visit: one scone (I chose the candied hazelnut scone), served with “clotted cream” (the menu stated clotted cream but I think it was actually butter) and jam, and a pot of tea (Earl Grey this time). The only difference is that the tea is included in the set, instead of having to order each item separately.

The scone was warm and delicious and the tea was good, but it felt as if something was missing (and I don’t mean tea sandwiches or pastries). There were a few mishaps with the service and I think that contributed to the general disappointment I felt. Maybe I should have ordered something else in addition to the Cream Tea. There was a Tea Quiche that looked interesting and I considered the Sticky Toffee Pudding but apparently it sold out earlier in the day. Ah well, I think the next time I’m in the area, I should just stick to ordering sweets (there are pound cakes and other baked goods available) to go.

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