Eclair Bakery


When it comes to éclairs, my personal favorites are those with vanilla cream inside and chocolate glaze outside. Unfortunately, this style is hard to find in the city; most of the éclairs I come across have the same flavor for filling and icing. If I have a craving, I will usually get a vanilla éclair if available; my second choice would likely be any that came with a vanilla cream. Chocolate éclairs end up being far too sweet for my tastes.

Thankfully, I now have more options than the usual chocolate, vanilla, coffee or caramel flavors. There’s really no better place to get them than at the aptly named Éclair Bakery. Though they don’t offer the old-fashioned version, I can still walk away with something I like. On my last visit, it took me a while to decide which flavors to buy but I settled on pistachio, maple pecan, coconut, and vanilla with strawberries.

At some point, I will try their other sweets as well but for now, it’s all about their signature product.

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  1. i havent been there in a year but i was able to buy mini eclairs with chocolate glaze and the yellow cream inside. i believe some little italy bakeries have it too but i like venieros. the little bakeries seem to be buying their products made elsewhere. like the fake rainbow cookies!

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