Dinner at Lafayette


An unexpected but very welcome invitation to have dinner with a friend on Thursday led to quick plans to meet up at Lafayette. It was also a great excuse to actually leave the office on time for once, though I still barely escaped from a very last minute phone call at my desk. The meet up time was 5:45pm which was good for me; I prefer early dinners, especially when we did not reserve a table in advance.

Skate Wing a la Plancha

The two of us skipped drinks and appetizers. She ordered the steak frites and I debated between two seafood dishes. I ended up ordering the Skate Wing a la plancha, served with smoked cauliflower and uni. It was delicious and the portion size was perfect for me.

Floating Island

To be honest, the dessert menu didn’t exactly thrill us. We thought about heading elsewhere for sweets but none of the nearby dessert places were appealing either. In the end, we chose the one item on the menu that seemed a bit intriguing: the Floating Island. A very retro dessert but when it arrived at the table, it looked nothing like what we expected it to be—it looked more like a giant toasted marshmallow. Traditionally, the meringue would sit in a pool of crème anglaise but in this variation, the custard was inside the egg whites. It was a good dessert, not too sweet nor too heavy and a tasty way to end the meal.