Pok Pok Phat Thai

As much as I love eating Thai food, I was never a fan of the country’s most famous dish (in the States, at any rate), pad thai. On the rare occasions that I would order it at restaurants, I’ve always found it to be too sweet for my tastes. But now, there is one place… Continue Reading

Hester Street Café

While the weather remains too cold for any outdoor shopping, a few of the city’s flea markets have remained open during the winter thanks but in indoor spaces. The Hester Street Fair won’t return until next month but they’ve maintained a presence these last few months by running a café inside the New Museum. I’ve… Continue Reading

Eclair Bakery

When it comes to éclairs, my personal favorites are those with vanilla cream inside and chocolate glaze outside. Unfortunately, this style is hard to find in the city; most of the éclairs I come across have the same flavor for filling and icing. If I have a craving, I will usually get a vanilla éclair… Continue Reading

Rose Bakery Redux

Finally, I made it to Rose Bakery at the appropriate time to try the Cream Tea. It’s only served after 4pm as part of a lighter menu, reminiscent of British tea time. What arrived was nearly identical to what I ordered on my previous lunchtime visit: one scone (I chose the candied hazelnut scone), served… Continue Reading

Lunch at Haven’s Kitchen

I only recently learned that Haven’s Kitchen is now serving a more substantial menu in their café, not just the baked goods and pastries I’ve seen offered whenever I’ve visited in the past. It’s now been added to the list of places for me to grab a quick lunch when I need a bite and… Continue Reading