Sweet Treat: Strawberry Spring Cake

Mini Strawberry Spring Cake

When I was at Takahachi Bakery, I only meant to pick up a birthday cake but something else caught my eye. This mini strawberry spring cake has everything I love: strawberries, cake and whipped cream. An added treat was the strawberry custard filling inside. I’m glad it wasn’t frosted on the outside; it’s sweet enough as is for my tastes and I’m trying to eat less dairy since it’s not good for my skin, unfortunately. The desserts at Takahachi rarely disappoint and I’ve been enjoying this one over the last few days.

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  1. this looks really good! i think they have a location near my job downtown , but i bought something that tasted so bad that I had to throw it out! welcome back to blogging!

  2. Takahachi is downtown, near City Hall, so it’s probably close to your office. What did you get that didn’t taste good? I usually like their stuff and I’m fan of their loaves of bread.

    And thanks! It’s nice to be blogging again, though it’s a bit sporadic but hopefully it won’t be with a long hiatus as last year.

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